UAV circuit board – a complete guide

  • 2023-09-06

The UAV circuit board is one of the key components of the UAV. In addition to carrying and connecting various chips, it also has many other important functions. This article will elaborate on the function of UAV circuit board and summarize how to ensure the fire and explosion-proof design of the UAV circuit board.

Functions of UAV circuit board

1. Signal transmission

UAV circuit board plays a vital role in signal transmission. It transmits various control signals and data information by carrying and connecting various sensors, remote controls and other devices. For example, through the circuit board, the drone can receive command signals from the remote control, convert the wireless signals into digital signals and transmit them to other chips for processing. At the same time, the circuit board can also transmit the data signal collected by the sensor to the flight controller, and transmit the processed signal back to the motor control part. Therefore, the UAV circuit board plays an important role in ensuring the reliability and stability of signal transmission.

2. Power Management

The UAV circuit board also has the function of power management. During the flight of the drone, various components need a stable power supply, such as chips, motors, sensors, etc. The circuit board stabilizes, filters and protects the power supply through the power management circuit to ensure the normal operation of each component. In addition, when the battery power is low, the circuit board can detect it in time and send out a corresponding warning signal, so as to prevent the UAV from losing control due to insufficient power.

3. Control algorithm

The UAV circuit board is also responsible for the implementation of the control algorithm. The control algorithm refers to the algorithm that adjusts and controls the flight state of the UAV according to different flight modes and mission requirements. The circuit board collects and processes the sensor data in real-time, calculates the corresponding control amount according to the control algorithm, and transmits the control command to the motor control part, so as to realize the stable flight and attitude control of the UAV. Therefore, the UAV circuit board plays an important role in ensuring the accuracy and stability of flight control.

4. Data processing

The UAV circuit board also has the function of data processing. During the flight of the UAV, various sensors will collect a large amount of data, such as attitude data, environmental data, image data, etc. The circuit board is responsible for receiving, processing and storing these data, and at the same time can filter, process and compress the data according to the needs to reduce the load of other components. In addition, after the flight, the circuit board can also transmit data to the ground station or other equipment for subsequent analysis and research.

While carrying and connecting various chips in the UAV system, the UAV circuit board also has important functions such as signal transmission, power management, control algorithms, and data processing. It is a core component of the normal operation and flight control of the drone. The stability and reliability of the UAV circuit board play a vital role in the performance and flight safety of the UAV. Therefore, in the development and manufacturing process of UAVs, the design and optimization of UAV circuit boards are also of great significance.

How to ensure the fire and explosion-proof design of the UAV circuit board?

1. Material selection

The fire and explosion-proof design of UAV circuit boards needs to be considered in the selection of materials. First of all, the flame retardant material is selected as the basic material of the circuit board, so that the circuit board can prevent the spread of fire when it is subjected to fire. Secondly, materials with high-temperature resistance should be selected to ensure that the circuit board can still work normally in a high-temperature environment. In addition, considering that the drone may be subjected to shock or vibration during use, materials with high shock resistance should also be selected to improve the stability and reliability of the circuit board.

2. Circuit layout design

Reasonable circuit wiring design is the key to the fire and explosion-proof design of UAV circuit boards. First of all, the distance between the various circuits on the circuit board should be reasonably arranged to avoid short circuits. Secondly, a double-layer or multi-layer circuit board design should be adopted to reduce the length of the circuit lines and prevent high-temperature conduction and electromagnetic interference by increasing the isolation layer between circuit boards. In addition, attention should be paid to the direction of circuit wiring to avoid cross-wiring and crosstalk.

3. Circuit board packaging safety

The packaging security of UAV circuit boards is crucial for fire and explosion-proof design. First of all, the packaging material should have high-temperature resistance and good insulation performance to ensure that the circuit board will not leak or catch fire in a high-temperature environment. Secondly, the process parameters should be strictly controlled during the packaging process to avoid defects such as bubbles and cracks, so as to improve the sealing and corrosion resistance of the circuit board. In addition, the design and safety considerations of pads and solder feet should be strengthened to reduce fire hazards caused by soldering.

4. Application of protective measures

In addition to the above design measures, it is also necessary to take a series of protective measures during the use of the UAV circuit board to ensure its safety against fire and explosion. First of all, install a suitable cooling device around the circuit board to dissipate the heat generated by the circuit board in time to avoid fire hazards caused by high temperatures. Secondly, an over-current protection device should be installed to cut off the power supply in time when the circuit board has an over-current phenomenon, so as to avoid damage to the circuit board and causing a fire. In addition, the design and inspection of the overall structure of the drone should be strengthened to ensure a safe distance between the circuit board and other components to prevent collision or damage.

The fireproof and explosion-proof design of the UAV circuit board plays an important role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the UAV. By selecting appropriate materials, rational wiring design, safe packaging and taking corresponding protective measures, the risk of fire or explosion on the UAV circuit board can be effectively reduced. Therefore, the fire and explosion protection of the circuit board should be fully considered in the design stage to ensure that the drone can operate safely in various harsh environments.


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